Sehgahunda Trail Marathon & Relay

Update as of April 1st, 2021:

The following email was just sent to all 2020 Registrants to remind you to exercise your options.  We have extended the date to complete this task to April 7th.  After that you will be deferred to 2022.  Here is the letter sent via Run Sign Up and from Ellen Brenner's email - CLICK HERE

Update as of March 26th, 2021:

Update on Day 1 Busses: We are able to acquire busses BUT here is the situation in order to have them. Busses can only be at half capacity currently which equals 22 people/bus and only one person/seat. No seat sharing. Which actually is pretty sweet, but I digress. In the next week or so, once day 1 registratio/transfers end, we plan on opening the opportunity to buy a seat on the bus for $10. It is for Day 1 participants only. Masks must be worn the entire time on the bus. The bus will take you from Parade Grounds to the start at Mt Morris. There will be specific time slots that you will be buying. Stay tuned for when that opportunity opens. Thx Ellen

Update as of March 21, 2021:

There is no registration for this event.  However we are welcoming current registrants from 2020 to sell their entries to others.  Please read this note that was sent on Sunday, March 21st, 2021 to all participants on how this works - CLICK HERE  We are working with the NYS Parks and Livingston County Dept of Health on defining COVID-19 protocols based on where the State regulations are at that time.  However high level protocols are noted in the letter link above.

Please read this to assist with transfering your registration as we ran into some hiccups - READ HERE on Transfering

These protocols include but not limited to:

  • Masks must be worn at all times except during your run.  This means leading up to your start and immediately following your finish.
  • Grab n Go Food/Drink Bags post-race with medal inside
  • No Congregating anywhere (finish, start, or checkpoints)
  • No Spectators
  • No Awards Ceremony - these will be mailed
  • Athletes must leave the area immediately upon completion of the event or their relay leg
  • More updates forthcoming

Please note this page is being updated regularly.

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"Dare to Experience" Sehgahunda!
Pronounced (Say-ga-hunda)


The Sehgahunda Valley (“Vale of Three Falls”), which encompasses the portion of the Genesee River Valley, was comprised of several villages settled by the Seneca People. The locations of these villages make up the current boundaries of Letchworth State Park.
Letchworth State Park spans over 14,000 acres, with miles and miles of trails - all with varying degrees of technicality to challenge both experienced runners and casual hikers. Many of the trails that make up this race are the very trails used by the Seneca Indians to access the Genesee River, which bisects this valley, giving rise to its nickname “The Grand Canyon of the East.”
We dare you to experience the beauty, history, and challenge of this unique event!


  • Chip Timing by YellowJacket Racing including Net Time (The time from when the gun goes off until you cross the start line is subtracted from your official gun time to get your net time)  Note: As per USATF Rule 163 we do not use net times for awards, they are provided by us to you as an additional service only.
  • 7-8 aid stations along the 26.3 mile course providing pre-packaged food and water.
  • Post Race Grab n Go Bag of food and drinks, along with medal
  • Custom finisher medal to all finishers, with an additional award for the Sehgahunda 72!
  • Day 1 - Hoodie to all 26.3 solo registrants, long sleeved cotton shirts for the relay team registrants
  • Day 2 (Vale of Three Falls)- Short sleeve cotton t-shirt for each distance (they'll be different!)
  • Amazing scenery!

Volunteer sign up coming soon

Registration/Packet Pickup

There is no registration for this event.  However we are welcoming current registrants from 2020 to sell their entries to others.  Please read this note that was sent on Sunday, March 21st, 2021 to all participants on how this works - CLICK HERE

Packet Pickup Information is forth coming


Awards will be mailed and not given on race day as there is NO CONGREGATING post race.

Solo Awards

  • Custom finisher's medal to all who complete the course!  This will be in your grab n go post race food bag.
  • Overall Male and Female
  • Awards to Top 3 Male and Female in 10 year age groups (19 & under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 & up)

Relay Awards

  • Top 5 teams, combined.

Race Day Schedule

This is currently being determined based on COVID-19 protocols at that time.  We are working very closely with the NYS Parks and Livingston County Department of Health on this as well to ensure it aligns with them.

We are working on the wave structure and bussing. 


The time cuts will be similar to past years, but don't worry we are working to make sure it coincides with the wave starts.  below is the time cuts from years past as a gauge.

Start to Checkpoint (CP) 1 6.1 Miles 6.1 Miles None
CP 1 to CP 2 2.5 Miles 8.6 Miles None
CP 2 to CP 3 6.8 Miles 15.4 Miles 12:30pm
CP 3 to CP 4 2.3 Miles 17.7 Miles 1:13pm
CP 4 to CP 5 1.7 Miles 19.4 Miles 1:46pm
CP 5 to CP 6 2.5 Miles 21.9 Miles 2:34pm
CP 6 to CP 7 1.3 Miles 23.2 Miles 3:00pm
CP 7 to CP 8 1.0 Miles 24.2 Miles 3:20pm
CP 8 to Finish 2.1 Miles 26.3 Miles 4:00pm


Sehgahunda is a highly technical trail (ultra)marathon clocking in at just over the traditional marathon distance - 26.3 miles 

Course Map (North Section)    Course Map (South Section)

Relay Distances are as follows:
Leg #1 - 6.1 miles
Leg #2 - 9.3 miles
Leg #3 - 6.5 miles
Leg #4 - 4.4 miles 

The course starts at the Mount Morris Dam Visitor Center, and runs along the Finger Lakes Trail, taking in some of the best views Western NY has to offer, eventually winding it's way down to the finish area at the Parade Grounds in Portageville. It has:

  • Over 100 gullies to descend and climb
  • Lots of rocks, roots, ruts, leaves, and gullies to manuever over, under, and around
  • Short climbs, long climbs, very few flats
  • Between 3,000 and 4,000 feet of climbing
  • There are 7-8 check points/aid stations along the route
  • Prepackaged foods/water only will be available at all check points/aid stations. 
  • The main trail that you will be running (The FLT) is marked with yellow blazes
  • Most trails heading out to the check points are marked with blue blazes
  • All turns from the main trail onto the check point trails and from the check point trails back onto the main trail will be marked with arrows and small flags

A MapMyRun course map can be found here.
Note: this is not an official map, just one taken from a GPS watch which can be inaccurate over the long distances, sharp turns, and steep inclines.


The Parade Grounds entrance to the park is off at Portageville Road in Hunt, NY. GOOGLE MAP for directions. We are working on day of packet pickup (if it exists) and bussing to ensure proper protocols.

Race Parking

Parking is at the Parade Grounds. Keep in mind NO SPECTATORS.  You can be dropped off at the Start too at Mt  Morris Dam.  RELAY PARTICIPANTS please stay tuned on this as we can not have congregating at the check points.