46 Peaks Challenge - Virtual Challenge

Date: June 1, 2020

Length: 141,022 ft

Start Time: 12:00am

Location: Virtual


Are you a trail runner? Do you love training on hills? Do you miss traveling to the Adirondacks and hiking?

We have the event for you! Join us for the 46 Peak Challenge.
You will have 120 days to complete the ascent of all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks - VIRTUALLY. Use our table, find how many feet you have to ascend during your workout, and submit a GPS file using Strava, Garmin, etc for verification HERE.

Note: We ARE NOT suggesting to travel to the area, this is purely a VIRTUAL event to be done near your home.  Simply find the climbs and climb them no matter where you live in the world.

There are 2 Categories of Completion

1. Complete one mountain in a single workout.  If you're feeling ambitious you can try to complete multiple ascents in a single workout.
2. Complete the elevation as you go along.  This way you can mix and match this adventure with others and accumulate elevation as you go.

You will be able to designate as we submit results (specifics coming)

Download your printable bib here.

All participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt and receive a special 46 Peaks neck gaiter with the names of each mountain.

Plus for each mountain climbed you will get a virtual badge.

*** This is a virtual event. ***
** Please complete your workouts solo and stay as close to home as possible. **

 Mt Marcy   3166' 
 Algonquin   2936' 
 Mt Haystack   3570' 
 Mt Skylight   3570' 
 Whiteface   2535' 
 Dix   2800' 
 Gray   4178' 
 Iroquois   3250' 
 Basin   3650' 
 Gothics   4070' 
 Mt Colden   2850' 
 Giant   3050' 
 Nippletop   4050' 
 Santanoni   2860' 
 Mt Redfield   3225' 
 Wright   2400' 
 Saddleback   2990' 
 Panther   3762' 
 Tabletop   3660' 
 Rocky Peak Ridge   4500' 
 Macomb   2344' 
 Armstrong   3734' 
 Hough   3200' 
 Seward   3490' 
 Mt Marshall   2575' 
 Allen   2540' 
 Big Slide   2800' 
 Esther   3020' 
 Upper Wolfjaw   3619' 
 Lower Wolfjaw   2825' 
 Street   2115' 
 Phelps   1982' 
 Mt Donaldson   3490' 
 Seymour   2370' 
 Sawteeth   2975' 
 Cascade   1940' 
 South Dix   3050' 
 Porter   2700' 
 Mt Colvin   2130' 
 Mt Emmons   3490' 
 Dial   3450' 
 Grace Peak   3002' 
 Blake   3270' 
 Cliff   2160' 
 Nye   1844' 
 Couchsachraga Peak   3140' 

Download a printable checklist here!

Log Your Gains!

Starting at 9am, June 1, 2020, you will be able to log your elevation gains directly on RunSignUp. If you have any questions, please contact events@yellowjacketracing.com

- Log into your RunSignUp account. You must be logged in to log your elevation gains.
- Go to "Results" on the main page and then "Submit Virtual Results". Enter the requested information, and click "Lookup Registration"
- This will bring you to your information. Now you can click on "Submit Virtual Results"
- Verify that you are who you say you are via email or phone number
- You MUST enter the Date and Elevation Gain for your run/walk. The comment box is optional and is for your reference only, we will not be reviewing info submitted in this field.
- If you had multiple workouts in one day, you can add each additional workout by clicking "Add Another Activity". You can update your time and gains daily, every few days, or once a week, whichever is convenient for you.
- Do not forget to click "Submit" when you're all done!

If you'd like a visual for your refrigerator or to keep at your desk, you can download this PDF, to track your climbs. But please be sure to submit your results on RunSignUp as this is how we are officially tracking your challenge progress!

Registration/Packet Pickup

Registration is $60. Be sure to register before June 1 to get the full 120 days to complete the challenge.

Registration will remain open through July 1, but the event ends on September 30 for all participants.

Entry fees are not refundable/deferrable/transferable. 


Earn your ADK 46 neck gaiter by "climbing" all 46 High Peaks

Race Day Schedule

Virtual Challenge begins June 1
Virtual Challenge ends September 30

You will have 120 days to complete the ascent of all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks. Use our table, find how many feet you have to ascend during your workout, and submit a GPS file after each of your workouts using Strava, Garmin, etc for verification HERE.