Solo But Not Alone – A 24 Hour Relay Race presented by Feetures

Date: May 16, 2020

Length: 24 Hour Relay Race

Start Time: 9:00am

Location: Virtual (map)

Bring your team or join a free agent team (where we help you find one), lace up your shoes, and get ready to run/walk.. for 24 Hours! Join us this spring for Solo But Not Alone – A 24 Hour Relay Race presented by feetures. Compete in this completely virtual relay in teams of 6 or 12 people, or join the Free Agent pool and join a team consisting of other solo runners. 

NOTE: This is a socially distant event. The concept of this race is to virtually team up with other runners from anywhere while remaining socially distant and running solo. The first runner will start running in the location of their choice for the first hour. Once the hour expires, you will virtually "handoff" to the next runner, and immediately log your miles on the YellowJacket Racing results submission form. Leaderboards will be updated every hour and posted to social media to reflect team names and the current mileage completed.

- Solo But Not Alone Relay Decal mailed to your home
- A voucher for a free pair of feetures socks once Fleet Feet Rochester and Buffalo stores reopen ($13.00 value)
*If you do not live in those areas, arrangements can made to get your feetures socks to you

Race items will be mailed by May 18, 2020. When registering, please make sure that your address is the one that the Post Office delivers your mail to.

Download your printable race bib here.

Your team's goal is to run as many miles as you can in 24 hours while running solo and remaining socially distant
- Runner's cannot run consecutive hours and must "hand off" virtually to a new teammate every one hour shift before continuing
- Submit your results here immediately following each hour-long relay leg!
- Leaderboards will be updated hourly with your team name and mileage covered
- Share your fun with everyone by reenacting virtual "handoffs" and holding team meetups on platforms such as Zoom or Facebook Live!  

Free Agent Teams
If you do not have a team of 6 or 12, sign up as a "Free Agent" and compete with other "Free Agents". We'll build the teams and connect you all via email the week of the event. When registering as a Free Agent, you are agreeing to allow us to share your email address with your other teammates.

Social Media
Don’t forget to join the Facebook page Fleet Feet WNY Running is NOT Cancelled. We want to keep everyone moving during these tough times. 

Registration/Packet Pickup


Solo But Not Alone – A 24 Hour Relay Race
 6 Person Team   12 Person Team    Solo "Free Agent" Runner 
 $72   $144  $12

Priced at just $12 per runner! If a person doesn’t have a team of their own, they can join a “Free Agent” team that will be made up of solo runners in search of teammates. We will connect all free agent teams with each other the week of the event so that you can coordinate your runs/walks together.

A full 6 or 12 person team must be submitted to participate.

Entry fees are not refundable/deferrable/transferable.


The team with the most mileage covered wins!

The Leaderboard will be updated hourly, so be sure to submit your results here immediately following each hour-long relay leg!

Race Day Schedule

Complete your Virtual 24 Relay on Saturday, May 16 starting at 9:00 A.M. and run up until Sunday, May 17 9:00 A.M.

Solo But Not Alone Relay decals will be mailed by May 18, 2020. When registering, your mailing address must be a physical street address and not a Post Office Box for proper delivery.


It’s YOUR race!
Choose a location!
Walk, Jog, Run, Race!
Simply cover as many miles as possible "with" your team in 24 hours!



May 16, 2020 | Virtual