Q: Do you have a course map for Snow/Dirt Cheap?  What is the distance?

A: Due to the nature of our Snow Cheap and Dirt Cheap series we do not have course maps, nor an exact distance.  We set the course the day of the race and it is dependent upon the conditions of the trails at that time.


Q: I see on your website that no headsets (strollers, dogs) are allowed at events.  Is this true?

A: As part of the waiver for all YellowJacket Racing produced events, as per USATF who sanctions and provides insurance for our events, we ask that runners don’t run with headsets (strollers, dogs) as it is a safety hazard. By signing the waiver, which is necessary to complete your registration, you are acknowledging that we don’t allow headsets (strollers, dogs) on course and can ask you to remove them if we see you wearing them.


Q: The local weather channels are calling for a lot of snow/rain/wind/heat, is the event still going to happen?

A: YellowJacket Racing will only cancel/delay an event at the recommendation of the local law enforcement agency involved in the event, or if a state of emergency has been declared in the area where the event is being held.


Q: Does YellowJacket Racing donate any of the entry fee money to charity?

A: Throughout the year, YellowJacket Racing donates a portion of proceeds to multiple charities.  For more information regarding the organizations that we support through some of our races, please visit the individual event page.