Registration/Packet Pickup

Q: If I didn’t sign up for an event, can I still participate by using the course?

A: No, anyone who is not officially entered in the event (and wearing their race bib) will be removed from the course.


Q: Once registration closes, will you be forming a waiting list?

A: No, we will not be forming a wait list.


Q: Where can I get a USAT license?

A: USAT licenses are mandatory for anyone participating in a YellowJacket Racing Triathlon, Duathlon, or Aquathalon. If you are not already a USAT member you may purchase a one-day license for the event by submitting payment with your registration. If you would like to purchase a one-year USAT membership, please visit their website at for information. You may also purchase an annual USAT card through registration.


Q: If I already have a USAT or USA Swimming card, do I have to bring it with me to Packet Pick-Up?

A: Yes, if you do not bring your card with you, you will be required to purchase a one-day license. Additionally, you MUST bring a photo ID.


Q: I went to packet pickup but didn’t have my photo ID and they wouldn’t give me my things.  Why?

A: USAT requires that we verify each registrant’s identity with a photo ID.  We are not to give out race bibs without seeing a photo ID.


Q: I don’t know where my current USAT card is, can I still get my things at packet pickup?

A: Yes, you can still pick up your things (as long as you have a valid photo ID) you will be required to fill out a USAT 1 day license waiver and pay the additional $12 for a 1 day USAT license.  USAT rules.


Q: Why do I have to pay the additional $12? This event is getting pricey.

A: USAT requires that anyone without a valid USAT number fill out 1 day USAT license waiver and pay the additional $12.  Please make checks out to YellowJacket Racing as we cut 1 check to USAT at the completion of the event.


Q: Why do I have to wear this Tyvek bracelet?

A: USAT is strongly encouraging race directors to place Tyvek bracelets on each registrant when they pick up their packet.  This is done after the organization has confirmed your identity by viewing a valid photo ID.  We do this so that we can verify that the person picking up the packet is the same person who is competing.  You MUST show your Tyvek bracelet and race bib at transition in order to receive your timing chip.  We will place the Tyvek bracelet on your wrist at packet pickup.


Q: If I can’t make the event, can I receive a refund?

A: No, please review our Cancellation & Refund Policy.


Q: If I can’t make the race, can I give my entry to a friend?

A: No, transfers are not accepted. Please review our transfer policy on the events page.


Q: Can I change a member of my Relay Team?

A: Yes, but you must do so in writing no less than 30 days prior to the event. The new member will be required to complete an entry form, all waivers, and all other registration procedures.


Q: I’m competing on a Relay Team, can I pick up all of our things at packet pickup?

A: No, all relay members must be present to receive the packet, or we will split up the relay packet for each participant, giving you only the items pertinent to your leg of the relay.


Q: Can I use decorations (balloons, etc.) to indicate where my things are in the transition area?

A: No. We reserve the right to remove any materials that will interfere with the safety and security of our competitors and their equipment


Swim Questions

Q: What is the water temperature of Lake Ontario?

A: Lake Ontario is a large open body of water. Therefore water temperature can vary dramatically from the 50’s to the 70’s.


Q: Do I need a wetsuit?

A: Wetsuits are HIGHLY recommended but are not required.


Q: Can I rent a wetsuit?

A: Wetsuit rentals are available at Fleet Feet Sports. We recommend reserving your rentals early as wetsuits are in high demand on race weekends.


Q: Can I use any stroke in the swim portion?

A: Yes. Swimmers may use any stroke to propel themselves through the water, and may tread water or float.


Q: If I hang onto the lane lines or buoys will I be disqualified for doing so?

A: You may stop and rest during the swim, but you must not interfere with the progress of other swimmers. You may hang onto the guard boats or buoys without penalty.


Q: Do I have to wear swim goggles?

A: No, but it is recommended. All swims are in fresh water.


Q: Can I wear swim fins?

A: No. Any swimmer wearing any artificial propulsion device, including but not limited to fins, gloves, paddles, or floating devices of any kind shall be disqualified. Aqua socks are permitted.


Q: I was given a swim cap at packet pickup, but I prefer to wear my own.  Is that ok?

A: Please wear the swim cap provided by the race director at packet pickup.  We coordinate the color of your swim cap with waves, and this makes it much easier for us to determine who is still in the water.


Bike Questions

Q: Can I use a tandem or recumbent bike in the race?

A: No.


Q: Do I have to get my bike inspected?

A: No, but we strongly urge you to do so. Many people experience technical problems on race day that could have been easily avoided if the bike had been inspected prior to the race. In order to avoid disappointment on race day we urge all competitors to have their bikes inspected no more than 3 weeks prior to the event. Please contact your local bike shop for additional information.


Q: What will the bike course be like?

A: Brief course descriptions and maps are posted on each event page.


Q: Can I wear Headphones?

A: Any participants who at any time uses, wears or carries a headset, radio, headphones, or any other item described in USAT Rules Section 3.4 (i) shall be assessed a variable time penalty.


Q: Can I ride my bike in transition?

A: No. Athletes must mount or dismount their bike outside of transition. The mount/dismount line will be clearly marked and accompanied by volunteers.  Athletes may run or carry their bikes in the transition area.


Q: Will the roads be closed to traffic?

A: No, all roads will remain open to traffic, so please obey all traffic laws while on course.


Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?

A: Yes!  You must wear a properly fitted (with chin strap fastened!) helmet at all times while on your bike, this includes while mounting/dismounting.


Q: What do you mean when you say “no drafting”?

A: There is no drafting allowed on course.  The term “drafting zone” refers to the rectangular area seven (7) meters long and two (2) meters wide surrounding each bicycle. The longer sides of the zone begin at the leading edge of the front wheel and run backward parallel to the bicycle; the front wheel divides the short side of the zone into two equal parts.


Other Race Day Questions

Q: Do I have to get body marked for my triathlon and open water swims?

A: Yes. Body marking allows us to easily identify athletes and aides us in safety issues. You may not body mark yourself.


For a complete list of all USAT sanctioned event rules, please visit: