Matt Blakley

Event Staff

Matt joined the team in September 2013. Being the third ‘Matt’ on the team he has adopted the nickname ‘Big Matt’, and believes he’s the muscle behind the operation.  He enjoys the high standards that YJR has set and always strives to make sure everyone has a safe and fun race. In 2008 he ran his first race completing the Corporate Challenge. Big Matt has now completed 2 Half Marathons and  his eyes on one day running a Full. When he’s not working or running a race, Big Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Big Matt also works for  Wegmans as an Analyst and is a proud St. Bonaventure University Alum where he received his MBA.

Favorite Events: The Kids Run Wild Series because there’s nothing better than watching kids run their first races and celebrating their accomplishments. I know this directly as both my daughters love these races!