Marsha Barrett

Event Crew

I joined YellowJacket Racing in January 2015. Previously I worked in Healthcare for 25 years with the last 15 years managing outpatient dialysis clinics. I started running with No Boundaries at Fleet Feet Sports in February 2014

Outside of work I enjoy camping. The real sleep on the ground, cook over an open fire and hope you don't come across a bear on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night kind of camping. There is just something so relaxing sitting around a campfire on a chilly autumn night. I'm also learning to crochet and I have a niece who I absolutely adore spending time with.  

I grew up in Penfield then moved away for 20 years. I came home again and live with my two cat children, Smudge and Snowbank. If I ever won the lottery and had money to spend on anything I would open a cat rescue and take in all the cats and kittens that have no place to call home.

Favorite Events: Sodus Point Triathlon