YJR Trail Races go “Cup-Free” to save waste

I’m pleased to announce that after 2 years of testing products and working with vendors to get their product to work within our budgets most all of our trail races will be going CUP FREE in 2014.

All series entrants in Dirt Cheap Trail Series, all entrants in The Mendon Mauler and all Series entrants in the Dirt Cheap Stage Race will receive a free HydraPouch with their entry.

All on course water stops at these events will have high flow HydrPour systems for fast filling on the go.

Athletes that do not get a Hydrpouch with their entry (single race entry) will need to carry their own bottle or purchase a Hydrpouch at Fleet Feet Sports as there will not be cups on course or at the finish lines of these events

We feel this is an important move to reduce waste at races and are willing to invest a few thousand dollars in hydrapouches and hydrapours to eliminate a hundred dollars worth of paper cups.

We will also work on having Hydrpour systems on course at our road events for those that want to refill on the fly.

I hope you will all agree that this is a great move forward for our community as we try to reduce waste and keep our parks clean

- Boots